Klifbrekkufossar is a series of several cascading falls in the Mjóifjörður fjord. Klifbrekkufossar is one of Iceland’s tallest major waterfalls at 300 ft (91 m) but doesn’t often receive that recognition due to the segmented drops. The name means Klifbrekkufossar,  “Climbing Slope Falls,” as the waterfall is shaped like a set of stairs climbing up the cliffside. Fossar is the plural word for waterfalls, but Klifbrekkufossar is considered a single waterfall.

Rjúkandi (Rjúkandafoss)

Rjukandi Rjukandafoss

Rjúkandi, also known as Rjúkandafoss, is the twelfth tallest waterfall in Iceland. Rjúkandi contains multiple drops, but collectively it reaches 305 ft (93 m). Its impressive height makes it hard to miss, but it’s also one of the few significant waterfalls that can be seen directly off the northern portion of the Ring Road (Route 1). However, Rjúkandi doesn’t receive many visitors.

Múlafoss (Múlagljúfur)

Tucked away in the Múlagljúfur canyon, you can find two waterfalls, Múlafoss and Hangandifoss. Múlafoss is the smaller of the two and more challenging to access, but it still adds plenty of beauty to the canyon. Múlafoss is 331 ft with multiple drops, and most drops remain hidden, but the single 176 ft drop is visible.


Hangandifoss Featured

Hangandifoss is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. The most consistent measurement from online sources cites Hangandifoss being 123 m in height, and however, it ranges from 110 m to 130 m. The name Hangandifoss is similar to Hengifoss, which both names translate to “Hanging Waterfall.”


Litlanesfoss Featured Image

Litlanesfoss is the smaller sister to Hengifoss. The waterfall is surrounded by iconic basalt columns, similar to Svartifoss and Aldeyarfoss.


The red and black cliffside of Hengifoss makes you feel as if you are on Mars.



Stigafoss, also called Stigárfoss, is passed by every day. Despite being in plain sight and a beautiful waterfall, it’s Iceland’s 5th tallest waterfall!



Prestagilfoss, also known as the Prestagil Waterfall, is a hidden waterfall tucked away in the Prestagil Ravine. It’s also the 4th tallest waterfall in Iceland.


Strútsfoss Featured

Hidden away in the Eastern Region is Strútsfoss, Iceland’s third tallest waterfall. Strútsfoss is also known for its distinct red and gray layers on the cliffs.



Svartifoss is a beautiful 66 ft (20 m) waterfall in south-east Iceland, known for the iconic black basalt columns that surround it.