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There are over 10,000 + waterfalls in Iceland! Some of them are iconic, while others are less known. Discover your favorite!
Morsárfoss - Tallest Waterfall in Iceland


Morsárfoss is Iceland’s tallest waterfall measuring 240 m (787 ft). Morsárfoss is located in n the Skaftafell Nature Preserve of Iceland.

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Gjárfoss is one of only a few waterfalls located in the Gjáin valley. Gjáin is known for its basalt columns and lush greenery. Gjárfoss is around 49 ft (15 m) in height. While such a small waterfall may seem unimpressive, the area around Gjárfoss has been described as paradise. What makes Gjárfoss unique is the nearly perfect pool it forms at its base. While a difficult waterfall to access, the Gjárfoss offers a prime swimming hole for its visitors.

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Urriðafoss is Iceland’s largest waterfall in volume, with a high river drop rate of 12,700 cfs (360 cms). The waterfall is located on the Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland. In Icelandic, Urriðafoss translates to “Trout Waterfall.” The Þjórsá is a famous river for salmon and trout fishing. Even seals are reported to travel up the river to Urriðafoss to catch salmon.

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Krýsuvíkurfoss Reykjanes Krýsuvíkurberg


The unnamed waterfall, nicknamed Krýsuvíkurfoss, is one of two waterfalls in Reykjanes. Krýsuvíkurfoss is located east of the Krýsuvíkurberg sea cliffs.

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Tungufoss in spring


In the municipality of Mosfellsbær, you can find the small waterfall Tungufoss. The waterfall is roughly 13 ft and is the lower part of the Köldukvísl river.

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