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ABOUT: Location:64.166644, -21.675800 Region: Captial Height: – River: Varmá Álafoss is a small waterfall on the Varmá river that shares its name with a historic

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Háifoss was once believed to be the tallest waterfall in Iceland at a height of 396 ft (121 m). Háifoss only ranks as the 9th tallest waterfall.

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Granni Waterfall Iceland


Granni, “neighbor,” is the direct sibling of the more popular Háifoss. Granni is ranked the 7th tallest waterfall in Iceland, measuring at a total of 417 ft.

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Múlafoss (Múlagljúfur)

Tucked away in the Múlagljúfur canyon, you can find two waterfalls, Múlafoss and Hangandifoss. Múlafoss is the smaller of the two and more challenging to access, but it still adds plenty of beauty to the canyon. Múlafoss is 331 ft with multiple drops, and most drops remain hidden, but the single 176 ft drop is visible.

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Glymur Waterfall


Glymur is the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. It stands at a staggering 198 m (650 ft). It held the title as the tallest waterfall in Iceland until 2011.

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Bólugilfoss is a hidden waterfall in the Northwestern Region of Iceland. The waterfall sits in the Bólugil Canyon and is fed by the Bóluá river. We were unable to confirm the official name of Bólugifoss, but it is also known as Bólugil, Bólufoss, and Bólugilfossar. Google Maps shows the waterfall named simply as Bólugil Waterfall. It should be noted the National Icelandic Land Survey has an atlas that mentions the term “fossar.” Unfortunately, no definitive name was given there.

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