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Barnafoss is a beautiful waterfall located on the Hvitá river. Barnafoss is also next to its sister waterfall Hraunfossar, though the two cannot be more different. While technically a waterfall, Barnafoss acts more like a series of rapids that rushes through the bedrock on the edge of the Hallmundarhraun lava field. At one point in time, a natural bridge stretched over the waterfall, but it has been lost to time.

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Granni Waterfall Iceland


Granni, “neighbor,” is the direct sibling of the more popular Háifoss. Granni is ranked the 7th tallest waterfall in Iceland, measuring at a total of 417 ft.

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Skógafoss Featured


Skógafoss a 203 ft waterfall in Iceland. Featured in the show Vikings and movies such as Thor: The Dark World or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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Klifbrekkufossar is a series of several cascading falls in the Mjóifjörður fjord. Klifbrekkufossar is one of Iceland’s tallest major waterfalls at 300 ft (91 m) but doesn’t often receive that recognition due to the segmented drops. The name means Klifbrekkufossar,  “Climbing Slope Falls,” as the waterfall is shaped like a set of stairs climbing up the cliffside. Fossar is the plural word for waterfalls, but Klifbrekkufossar is considered a single waterfall.

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Háifoss was once believed to be the tallest waterfall in Iceland at a height of 396 ft (121 m). Háifoss only ranks as the 9th tallest waterfall.

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Gullfoss from the walking trail


Gullfoss is the largest waterfall in Europe with an average flow of water is around 49,441 ft³/s. Gullfoss is fed from the wide Hvítá river.

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Stigafoss, also called Stigárfoss, is passed by every day. Despite being in plain sight and a beautiful waterfall, it’s Iceland’s 5th tallest waterfall!

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