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What could be better than relaxing in a natural hotspring after a hike to a beautiful waterfall? If that sounds like a perfect Icelandic afternoon,

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Tröllafoss, or Troll Waterfall, is a beautiful hidden waterfall in the Capital Region on the Leirvogsá river.

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Hiking to GOÐAFOSS


Goðafoss is rich in history and legend. Fed by the Skjálfandafljót river, the horseshoe-shaped waterfall stands at 37 feet (5m).

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Gjárfoss is one of only a few waterfalls located in the Gjáin valley. Gjáin is known for its basalt columns and lush greenery. Gjárfoss is around 49 ft (15 m) in height. While such a small waterfall may seem unimpressive, the area around Gjárfoss has been described as paradise. What makes Gjárfoss unique is the nearly perfect pool it forms at its base. While a difficult waterfall to access, the Gjárfoss offers a prime swimming hole for its visitors.

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The red and black cliffside of Hengifoss makes you feel as if you are on Mars.

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Hangandifoss Featured


Hangandifoss is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. The most consistent measurement from online sources cites Hangandifoss being 123 m in height, and however, it ranges from 110 m to 130 m. The name Hangandifoss is similar to Hengifoss, which both names translate to “Hanging Waterfall.”

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Stigafoss, also called Stigárfoss, is passed by every day. Despite being in plain sight and a beautiful waterfall, it’s Iceland’s 5th tallest waterfall!

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The Faxi waterfall is known by a few names, Faxa, Faxafoss, and Vatnsleysufoss. Tucked away in farmlands, Faxi spans 300 ft (91 m) with a height of 23 ft (7 m) across the Tungufljót river. This waterfall is located in the “Golden Circle” upper region near Gullfoss and Geysir.

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