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Region: Southern

Location: 64.2254194, -20.3372209

Height: 23 ft (7 m)

River: Tungufljót

The Faxi waterfall is known by a few names, Faxa, Faxafoss, and Vatnsleysufoss. Tucked away in farmlands, Faxi spans 300 ft (91 m) with a height of 23 ft (7 m) across the Tunguflj√≥t river. This waterfall is located in the “Golden Circle” upper region near Gullfoss and Geysir.

While Faxi is often overlooked, it can make an excellent and peaceful stop touring the Golden Circle. There is a small car park and picnic area at the waterfall. When visiting, you may see some locals enjoying the outdoors while fishing. Faxi and Tungufljót are excellent spots for salmon fishing. You can even see the fish ladder on the side of the waterfall to help the salmon navigate upstream. 

For those looking for a longer visit, there is a campsite near the waterfall.


faxi p1

Viewable from Road?: Yes

Nearest Major Town or City: Reykholt

Distance from Reykjavík: 64.8 mi (104km)

Faxi is a part of the Golden Circle, which is the recommended way to view the waterfall. Faxi is listed on Google Maps and is easy to find. However, be careful as Google also lists “Faxi Waterfall” in a different location.

The drive to Faxi from Reykjavík is under 1 hour and 30 minutes from both directions of the Golden Circle. The southern route is slightly shorter.

To drive there from Reykjavík directly, here is a link to the directions from Google Maps.

Reykjavík, Iceland to Faxi, Biskupstungnabraut, Iceland

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