Photo by Jon Gretarsson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0


Location:64.166644, -21.675800

Region: Captial


River: Varmá

Álafoss is a small waterfall on the Varmá river that shares its name with a historic wool factory. The wool shop is still in business today and is famous for its hand-knitted items and yarn for sale. Álafoss has been described as a “candy shop” for the knitting community. Plus, shoppers can easily visit the waterfall.

Alafoss p1

Álafoss waterfall is part of a nature preserve and is easily accessible for visitors. It’s also a lovely waterfall to visit during winter when it freezes over. Its close vicinity to Reykjavík makes it a lovely area to visit for everyone, even those who aren’t into knitting.


Álafoss, the wool factory, was founded in 1986 when a local farmer capitalized on the energy from the waterfall to power machinery for a wool factory. The Álafoss factory played a major role in the growth of the town Mosfellsbær.

Álafoss has also been used to house British Soldiers during World War II. In more modern events, Álafoss is the home to a studio for the band Sigur Rós who also has a song nicknamed after the area.


Several walking trails in the area surround Álafoss. A gravel parking area around the factory has direct access to one of these paths. These well-maintained paths are accessible to most visitors.


Viewable from Road?: No

Nearest Major Town or City: Mosfellsbær

Distance from Reykjavík: 10.5 mi (16.9 km)

The Mosfellsbær area where Álafoss is located is a short drive from the capital and only a short distance off of the Ring Road. The waterfall and the factory are easy to locate with Google Maps, but the waterfall is listed as Álafoss Waterfall. Both the waterfall and factory are side by side, so it doesn’t matter which one you navigate to.

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