Granni Waterfall Iceland
Granni Waterfall Iceland

ABOUT Granni

Granni, meaning “neighbor,” is the direct sibling of the more popular Háifoss. Granni is ranked the 7th tallest waterfall in Iceland, measuring 417 ft (127 m). 

Háifoss is often quoted as the larger fall, but there is some debatable information about this. Háifoss does have the highest sheer drop at 396 ft. Granni’s most significant drop is only 331 ft. However, Granni cascades over two falls, which is often not considered. The upper fall measures at 86 ft, so combining the two would technically make Granni taller than Háifoss.

Granni and Háifoss are both created from a split in the Fossá river. The two falls sit around 600 ft apart from each other. Both waterfalls have moderate water flow, which is supported by the Fossá’s large size. These two waterfalls offer an impressive sight and can both be captured in a single photo.

History Of Granni:

Direct information on any history or legends involving Granni is hard to come by. This is because it shares the same history as its neighbor, Háifoss had little to no documentation until the 1900s. Dr. Helgi Pjetursson named Háifoss, but we have not found any historical documentation involving Granni’s name.

See Háifoss for more information.

hiking to Granni

Granni shares the same hiking trail as Háifoss. The hike is easy, with it only being 2.3 miles out and back hike with a 482 ft elevation gain. It is recommended to hike it under pleasant weather conditions. The loose gravel on the hiking path can make it risky in wet or icy weather.

The entrance to the trail-head begins at the end of Route 332. During cold months, this road and others leading to it may not be passable. It is recommended to use a 4×4 to access this route.

Getting to Granni

  • Being the neighbor of Háifoss, Granni’s directions are the same. 
  • Do not try to navigate to Granni on Google Maps, it will take you to a similarly named waterfall called Glanni.
  • Navigate to  Háifoss with Google Maps.
  • The drive is around 2 hours from Reykjavík

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