Kermóafoss Summer

ABOUT Kermóafoss:

With only a short drive outside of Reykjav√≠k, you can find the beautiful waterfall called Kerm√≥afoss. This waterfall sits within the Elli√įa√°rdalur valley, which is a pristine recreational park.

Despite its proximity to the capital of Iceland, Kermóafoss remains relatively obscure. Most of Iceland’s tourists rush to visit the famous waterfalls and landscapes in the Golden Triangle, such as Gullfoss. You could argue that is a good thing, as this beautiful park remains calm and peaceful without the crowds. Even though it is close to the city, it is far enough to be immersed in nature.

Kerm√≥afoss itself is a series of falls that originate from the Elli√įa√° river. As a bonus, there are other lesser waterfalls to enjoy on this river within the park. Locals can be seen fishing the river for trout and salmon, but all visitors are welcome to enjoy the wildlife the river brings into the park. You might even see the wild rabbits hopping about!

History of Kermóafoss:


In the 1980s, Kerm√≥afoss vanished. The disappearance of Kerm√≥afoss was unfortunately man-made. The Elli√įa√° river splits into a north and south branch where Kerm√≥afoss is located. A dam was constructed on a south branch to make the northern section more optimal for salmon fishing. They succeeded, and between June and September, Kerm√≥afoss remained dry. A dispute broke out over this dam, and luckily the dam no longer remains.

hiking Kermóafoss:

There is not a convenient online map of the hike to Kerm√≥afoss. Don‚Äôt let that scare you; hiking to Kerm√≥afoss is easy. The Elli√įa√°rdalur valley park is well maintained and even has park benches for those in need. Also, bicycles are welcomed!

There are a few ways to access the park, but there is a public¬†parking lot¬†near an old power station marked above. From there, follow the south/west branch of the river. The hike is about 2.2 miles there and back. Feel free to mix it up, as there are a few other paths in Elli√įa√°rdalur valley to explore!

Directions to Kermóafoss:

To find Kermóafoss, you will need to have a short hike or bike ride within the park. The parking lot mentioned above will be the easiest way to access the fall. The drive to the parking lot is only 11 minutes from the heart of Reykjavík.

  • Kerm√≥afoss is well marked and easily accessible with¬†Google Maps.
  • Kerm√≥afoss is not visible from the roads.¬†
  • The drive is around 11 minutes from Reykjav√≠k, plus a short hike.

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B√≥lugilfoss is a hidden waterfall in the Northwestern Region of Iceland. The waterfall sits in the B√≥lugil Canyon and is fed by the B√≥lu√° river. We were unable to confirm the official name of B√≥lugifoss, but it is also known as B√≥lugil, B√≥lufoss, and B√≥lugilfossar. Google Maps shows the waterfall named simply as B√≥lugil Waterfall. It should be noted the National Icelandic Land Survey has an atlas that mentions the term ‚Äúfossar.‚ÄĚ Unfortunately, no definitive name was given there.