5 Waterfalls Near Reykjavík

Waterfalls near Reykjavík
Waterfalls near Reykjavík

Looking for a great picnic spot? Maybe you are visiting Reykjavík and don’t have much time to travel to the countryside but still want to see the beauty Iceland has to offer. Luckily for you, you don’t need to travel far to see Iceland’s stunning waterfalls. These are five waterfalls near Reykjavík!



Reykjavík is the starting point for many great adventures in Iceland, yet many will miss out on Kermóafoss, a waterfall hiding within the city. Kermóafoss is hidden within a park in the Elliðaárdalur valley.Kermóafoss is only 18 minutes from Reykjavík. Not many cities in the world have their own waterfall. 

Kermóafoss is the largest series of falls in the Elliðaá river within the valley. The park offers a great area for short hikes, bicycling, and even salmon fishing with the proper permit!


  • Kermóafoss is well marked and easily accessible with Google Maps.
  • You can find the waterfall in Hjólastígur, Reykjavík, Iceland.
  • The drive is around 18 minutes from the center of Reykjavík.

Learn more about Kermóafoss here.

Helgufoss Waterfall

Helgufoss, Mosfellsbær, Iceland

Helgufoss is a hidden gem in Iceland, and it’s only 30 minutes from Reykjavík!

Compared to the giants in Iceland, this waterfall is small in stature. Helgufoss only stands at roughly 39 ft (12 m). What makes this a hidden gem is the waterfall’s beauty. Helgufoss is very picturesque as the water cascades down the mossy volcanic cliffside into a beautiful stream below. Helgufoss is located on the Laxness trail, also known as the “Poets Path,” in the Mosfellsdalur Valley.  You don’t have to complete the whole trail to view the waterfall.

Helgufoss is not far off of HWY 36, which is part of the Golden Circle’s northern route. Despite its ease of access, the proximity to Reykjavík, it remains a “hidden” gem. So if you’re looking for a nice spot for lunch outside the city, Helgufoss makes a great picnic area.


  • Helgufoss is easily accessible with Google Maps.
  • It is located shortly off of the Golden Circle on the F-Road Helgufoss.
  • The drive is around 30 minutes from Reykjavík.

Learn more about Helgufoss here.

Tungufoss (Mosfellsbær) Waterfall

Tungufoss Mosfellsbær Iceland Waterfall

Tungufoss is a small 13 ft (4m) waterfall hiding within the Mosfellsbær area, which is still in the greater Reykjavík area. Tungufoss is only a 25-minute drive from the center of Reykjavík!

Both Icelanders and visitors pass by this waterfall without much thought. Tungugoss is fed by a small stream that crosses directly under HWY 1, the Ring Road. However, the waterfall is not viewable from the road. Those who visit Tungufoss are most likely locals of Mosfellsbær. You may find some locals taking a swim below the fall.

When visiting, you will see the ruins of some past buildings. This was a power station constructed on the waterfall in the 1930s but has been long abandoned since. Tungufoss is now protected as a natural monument in Iceland.


  • Tungufoss (Mosfellsbær) is well marked and easily accessible with Google Maps.
  • Leirvogstunga, Mosfellsbær, Iceland is where you can find walking paths to the falls. Google Maps shows the access point to these paths.
  • The drive is around 25 minutes from Reykjavík.

Learn more about Tungufoss here.

Tröllafoss Waterfall

Tröllafoss, also known as  Trolls’ Falls or Tröll waterfall, is another beautiful waterfall located in the Mosfellsdalur valley. Leirvogsá river. Tröllafoss is only 35 minutes from Reykjavík.

Despite the name, there isn’t any folklore related to Tröllafoss. Still, you may find a few locals dipping into the mystical pool below the waterfall.


  • Tröllafoss is well marked and easily accessible with Google Maps
  • Tröllafoss is located near Skeggjastaðir farm, but you will have to travel on a small gravel road to get there.
  • The drive is around 40 minutes from Reykjavík.

Learn more about Tröllafoss here.

þórufoss Waterfall


þórufoss or Thorufoss, is only 40minutes from Reykjavík. This powerful waterfall of 54 feet (16 m) is one I accidentally stumbled upon and mostly overlooked by tourists.

For Game of Thrones fans, þórufoss was the home for the Children of the Forest. Also, when winter comes, this waterfall can completely freeze over. 


  • þórufoss is well marked and easily accessible with Google Maps.
  • A small sign on HWY 48 will lead you to þórufoss. The canyon is visible from the road.
  • The drive is around 40 minutes from Reykjavík.

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